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Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Conversion Services

The Wynne Unit Geographic Information Systems Facility offers a complete line of GIS conversion services. Available services range from scanning, georeferencing, digitization and data cleanup to complete GIS data conversion projects, including database design, setup and population. Additionally, data translation services are offered with industry standard formats. The facility staff have years of experience, and offer cost-effective services to help customers successfully complete GIS projects..

Sample pilot projects are completed for each data conversion project for customer review. Ownership of the converted data remains with the customer, the facility does not maintain ownership of the data. The facility uses the latest up to date equipment and adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure conversion projects meet the needs of customers.

The facility can convert multiple data formats into a seamless GIS product. Disparate data can be integrated across platforms, perform conversions of map projects into one common projection, and perform data conversion and updates on these different data sets in relation to one another.

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Our turnaround times are fast and our prices are competitive!

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To obtain a quote for services, please contact the facility staff:

TDCJ Wynne Unit
Geographic Information System Facility

810 FM 2821 West
Huntsville, Texas 77349
Phone: 936-291-5162
Fax: 936-291-5278
Hours of Operation
5:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M., Monday - Friday



Page Updated April 2018


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