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Bus Renovation


Texas Correctional Industries offers complete body and paint work, and limited mechanical service.

Listed below are guidelines to be followed:

  • It will be the responsibility of each school or eligible agency to arrange pick-up and delivery of their vehicle to and from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facility.
  • Remove any first aid kits, flares, fire extinguishers or tools from the vehicle.
  • Have written instructions as to the service you wish performed on each vehicle.
  • At the time of pick-up, a TCI employee and a customer representative will make visual inspection of each vehicle. Any noted discrepancies will be corrected prior to the vehicle leaving the TDCJ facility.
  • Exterior and interior paint will be under warranty for one year.


TDCJ - Ellis Unit Bus Repair Facility

Plant Manager
1697 FM 980
Huntsville, Texas 77343

Phone: 936-295-5756, ext. 234
Fax: 936-295-6718

Paint White Roof Under 48 Passenger
Paint White Roof-Over 48 Passenger
Exterior Paint, 15-24 Passenger
Exterior Paint, 36 Passenger
Exterior Paint, 48-54 Passenger
Exterior Paint, 60-72 Passenger
Complete Paint, 15-24 Passenger
Complete Paint, 36 Passenger
Complete Paint, 48-54 Passenger
Complete Paint, 60-72 Passenger
Upholstery, Seat Bottoms, “Fire Resistant”
Upholstery, Modesty Panel, “Fire Resistant”
Upholstery, Drivers Seat, “Fire Resistant”
Upholstery Double Backs, “Fire Resistant”
Replace Step Treads, 19 Passengers
Replace Step Treads, 38-72 Passenger
Replacement Floor Mats, 15-24 Passenger
Replacement Floor Mats, 36 Passenger
Replacement Floor Mats, 48-54 Passenger
Replacement Floor Mats, 60-72 Passenger
Replace Floor Mat, Driver’s Compartment
Air Conditioning, 19 Passenger
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Air Conditioning, 35-72 Passenger
Air Conditioning, Extra Cool, 72 Passenger
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