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Dump Truck and Tarp Accessories

065-30-10055-8 EA

Option 9

Back-up alarm, includes installation

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065-30-10135-8 EA

Option 17

Chip spreader bar

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065-30-10265-3 EA

Option 12

Fire extinguisher, 5 lb., dry chemical

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065-30-10266-1 EA

Option 3

D.O.T. Commercial Inspection Sticker

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065-30-10267-9 EA

Option 13

Safety Inspection & Sticker/Non-Commercial

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065-30-10268-7 EA

Option 2

Fuel - Diesel up to 20 gallons

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065-30-10270-3 EA

Option 11

First Aid Kit

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065-30-10395-8 EA

Option 18

Hydraulics and Beyond

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065-30-10397-4 EA

Option 32

Air and Beyond Retrofit Kit

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065-30-10399-0 EA

Option 29

Hydraulics System Kit, Retro Fit Kit

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065-30-10400-6 EA


Ladder - Slide In

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065-30-10485-7 EA

Option 8

Mud flaps, includes installation

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065-30-10557-3 EA

Option 23

Angle iron, 2” x 2” x 1/4” - Six Yard Only

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065-30-10559-9 EA

Option 24

Angle iron 2” x 2” x 1/4” - Ten Yard Only

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065-30-10560-7 EA

Option 16

Pintle Hitch without air plunger

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065-30-10562-3 EA

Option 26

Pintle Hitch with air plunger

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065-30-10615-9 EA

Option 5

Rack for water can

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065-30-10752-0 EA

Option 15

Spring return tarpaulin return device - 10 yd, 84”

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065-30-10750-4 EA

Option 15

Spring return tarpaulin return device - 6 yd, 78”

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065-30-10815-5 EA

Option 19

Tailgate apron, bolt-on

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065-30-10870-0 EA

Option 6

Tool box with lock, standard size

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065-30-10871-8 EA

Option 21

Tool box with lock, large capacity

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065-30-10880-9 EA

Option 7


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065-30-10890-8 EA


Tailgate striping, high visibility for 4, 5 & 6 yd. 78” TDCJ
made beds. All others quoted

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065-30-10892-4 EA


Tailgate striping, high visibility for 6,10 and 12 yd. 84” TDCJ
Tailgate high visibility Chevron

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Control Valves

065-30-38808-8 EA

Hydraulic Control Valve

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065-30-38810-4 EA

Sander Control Valve

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065-30-38812-0 EA

Auger Control Valve

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Light Bars, LED Lights, Roller

065-30-55090-1 EA

Option 1

Strobe light bar/amber, mounted with bracket included

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065-30-55096-8 EA

Option 25

Replace incandescent lights with LED lights, except

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Headache Racks

065-45-30252-0 EA

Headache rack for 10 & 12 yd. 84” TDCJ made beds

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Tarpaulins and Devices

065-84-50322-8 EA

Option 30

Tarp for spring return without flaps for 4,5 &6 yd. dump beds  (specify 78” or 84”)

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Warranty: Items listed above are warrantied under original manufacture warranty.



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