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Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program

The Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Certification Program is a partnership between the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and a private company, which allows the company to employ inmates that have volunteered to be a part of the program. The inmates are paid by the private company and deductions are taken from their wages for the inmates' taxes, room and board, family support (incudes dependent/child support), restitution and a contribution is made to a crime victims' fund.

The PIE Certification Program was created by Congress in 1979 to encourage states and units of local government to establish employment opportunities for inmates in realistic working environments, pay them wages, and enable them to acquire marketable skills to increase their potential for successful rehabilitation and meaningful employment upon release.

Current PIE Certification Programs

Name Henderson Controls, Inc. OnShore Resources
Product  AC Parts & Heating Valves Computer Boards & Wire Harnesses 
Location Lockhart Unit Lockhart Unit

Current Contracts and Wage Scale

Page Updated August 2023

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