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Stainless Steel Sink/Toilet Combination Fixtures

Sink/Toilet Combination Fixtures, Stainless Steel - Fixtures are fabricated from Type 304 Stainless steel, including all internal reinforcement. Exterior is finished to a satin brush finish, with integral seat having a high polish sanitary finish.

All-welded construction with integral cabinet interior structurely reinforced and exterior free from accessible voids or crevices where contraband can be concealed.

Blow out jet type toilet with elongated bowl.

Toilet "P" Trap is designed to prevent concealment of contraband. Countertop has two integral self-draining soap dishes. Cabinet, sink, toilet bowl, flushing rim, integral seat and trap covers are all 14 Ga. stainless steel.

Integral plumbing is constructed entirely from pressure tested stainless steel tubing.

Unit is complete with all mounting hardware. Cold water valve, hot and cold water valve, or flush valve is available upon request for an additional fee.

Commodity Code Description Price Picture
670-55-79300-3 Universal Combination Sink/Toilet Fixture $1,704.00   Universal combination sink/toilet fixture
670-55-79075-1 Angle Combination Sink/Toilet Fixture
$1,732.00   Right Handed angle combination sink/toilet fixtureLeft Handed angle combination sink/toilet fixture
670-55-79185-8 Off-Set Combination Sink/Toilet Fixture
$1,766.00   Right Handed Off-Set combination sink/toilet fixtureLeft Handed Off-Set combination sink/toilet fixture
670-55-79215-3 Replacement Combination Sink/Toilet Fixture.
** RH & LH Available
$1,853.00   Replecement combination sink/toilet fixture drawing
670-55-79050-4 ADA Combination Sink/Toilet Fixture**Meets
**Texas Accessibility Standards
**RH & LH Available.
**Must use Hydraulic Flush Valve
$2,766.00   ADA Combination sink/toilet fixture **Meets Texas Accessibility Standards** RH & LH availableADA Combination sink/toilet fixture **Meets Texas Accessibility Standards** RH & LH available

All fixtures are priced WITHOUT water valves and flush valves. Price DOES NOT include Installation. This cost is provided upon request. Monosleeves provided upon request for ADDITIONAL FEE .

Warranty: TCI offers a standard manufacturing warranty to cover manufacturing defects on all our products.


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