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Circle End Tennis Bench

Circle End Tennis Bench

Tennis Bench, Circle End - Commercial construction for heavy duty and public use. Fabricated from 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" x 3/16" flat bar. Bench seat width - 30". Finished with primer coat and painted for outdoor use. Standard paint color "Forest Green". Special color requests: Customer must furnish Sherwin Williams metal paint color code for special color and additional cost may apply. special color and additional cost may apply.

Commodity Code Price
4 FT. (CO-04-1054) 420-04-25260-9 $606.00
6 FT. (CO-04-1055) 420-04-25270-8 $828.00
8 FT. (CO-04-1056) 420-04-25280-7 $1,045.00
For installation charges call 903-928-3112 for quote.

Warranty: TCI offers a standard manufacturing warranty to cover manufacturing defects on all our products.


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