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Campfire Ring

Campfire Ring

Campfire Ring - Our campfire ring is made from 3/16" ASTM A-36 steel plate to a diameter of 32". The ring has a 1" formed top flange and the fire barrier is 7" high. A 360 sq. in. cook top grate constructed of 1/2" round bar spaced at 1/2" intervals will be attached to and hinged upon 2 tightly formed eyes made from 5/8" diameter bar. The cook top grate opens backwards to allow an unobstructed view of the fire. The cook top grate has two substantially constructed spring type nonconductive handle grips made from 1/8" by 1/2" flat bar. The ring has three heavy legs with spade anchors welded to the ring which will permanently anchor unit to ground. Standard finish is a nontoxic, rust resistant, heat resistant, black enamel.

Commodity Code Price
650-24-41100-4 $424.00
Freight charges prepaid and added to invoice; For installation charges call 903-928-3112 for quote.

Warranty: TCI offers a standard manufacturing warranty to cover manufacturing defects on all our products.


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