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Clenzol Heavy Duty Detergent Degreaser

Clenzol, heavy duty and general maintenance cleaner. Color: Rust orange liquid. Odor: butylcellosolve.

CLENZOL is a concentrate degreaser/cleaner that requires dilution. One gallon will make up to 64 gallons of cleaner. CLENZOL can be used to cut thick stubborn grease found on kitchen floors, mechanic shop high bay floors, industrial plant floors, etc. Can be used on concrete, painted surfaces, stainless steel, sealed wood, walls, plastic and glass. Not recommended for use on food preparation areas or utensils.

Compared to Simple Green®

Directions:  Dilute with clean water only.

Light Duty Cleaning  2 oz. per gallon
Medium Duty Cleaning 4 oz. per gallon
Heavy Duty Degreasing 8 - 10 oz. per gallon

Specification # 485-18-01

485-18-36405-3 1 gal. jug; 6 per case $33.00 case  

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