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Outdoor Push Broom (Class II)

Two outdoor push brooms

Ideally suited for streets, parks, pavement and concrete floors. Perfect for highway and municipal sanitation departments. Smooth finished hardwood block, 3 ½” x 16”, with two tapered handle holes for 1 1/8” diameter handle. Filled with brown polypropylene filament, outlasting natural fiber 4 to 1. Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and other chemicals and hydrocarbons. Water absorption of polypropylene fiber is less than 0.03% and will not soften when used in water up to 250º F. Abrasion and crush resistance is excellent compared to natural fiber. Never brittle, even below freezing. Formulated to resist prolonged exposure to sunlight and has a strong and steady brushing action with a bounce-back performance. 6 ¼” trim. Requires tapered handle.

Uses Handle 485-10-94505-7 or 485-10-94600-6.

Price does not include Handle.

Specification Number 485-10-5

485-10-18300-6 Outdoor Push Broom $12.00

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