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Floor Brush

Floor Brush

Structural Foam plastic block with two handle holes threaded for 15/16” diameter handles. Block width 2 5/8”, beveled and shaped. Choice of filling: Select gray tampico fiber with matching horsehair border; chemical-resistant black polypropylene plastic; 65% nylon and 35% horsehair mixture. 22 15/16” tuft trim, 3/16” hole size. Available in two sizes for each type of filling. Requires threaded handle.
Price does not include handle.

Specifications Number 485-10-17

485-10-58250-4 18” Tampico fiber brush with matching horsehair border $14.00
485-10-58350-2 24” Tampico fiber brush with matching horsehair border $14.25
485-10-58260-3 18" Black Polypropylene Plastic Brush $11.50
485-10-58360-1 24" Black Polypropylene Plastic Brush $10.50
485-10-58268-6 18” Nylon and Horsehair Brush $19.00
485-10-58368-4 24" Nylon and Horsehair Brush $19.50

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