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Plastic Dinnerware

TCI offers a full line of durable plastic dinnerware, to include trays, bowls, cups, spoons, forks, sporks and butter knives. Manufactured from high quality plastics, these items are completely dish washable and can be produced in a variety of colors to meet your individual needs. These long-lasting dinnerware products can offer a substantial cost savings over conventional or disposable dinnerware.

Item Per Case Price
12 oz. Mugs 2 doz. (24) per case $38.50
9-5/8x14x1-1/4, 5-Compartment Tray w/o Utensil Slot 1 doz. (12) per case $50.00
Clear Tray Lid for Utensil Slot Tray 1 doz. (12) per case $43.00
8 oz. Bowls 4 doz. (48) per case $50.00
Spoon 36 doz. (432) per case $79.50
Fork 36 doz. (432) per case $64.00
Spork 36 doz. (432) per case $78.50
Knives 36 doz. (432) per case $73.00

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