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Auditorium Seating


Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) is proud to offer a large selection of auditorium seating options for customers that need a cost effective alternative to maintain a professional image with their auditorium. TCI refurbishes and designs new auditorium seating. These services include the following:

      • Upholster seats and backs with new material for an extended life.
      • Use of laminate that will create a new look for all wooden seating.
      • Use of a new sandblasting and powder coating technique that results in an improved appearance on all metal parts.
      • Manufacture new parts to replace any worn out parts.
      • Remove existing seating and install refurbished seating on site, as required by customer.

The attention to detail and professional appearance of this work will be a most welcome addition to any school, courthouse or state agency. 


Auditorium Seating



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