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Warranty, Delivery, and Installation Information


Warranty, Delivery, and Installation Information


TCI’s warranty for general commercial seating covers all chair components including pneumatic cylinders, bases, casters, glides, frames, arms, plastic seats, backs and other structural components.

  • Foam, textiles, mesh material are warranted for two (2) years.
  • Control mechanisms are warranted for five (5) years.

The warranty applies to single shift, standard commercial usage, defined as a standard eight (8) hour week for individuals weighing up to 250 pounds.
TCI offers normal use seating that is warranted for five (5) years for the original purchaser. The warranty covers all components (frames, glides, and arms). The foam/textiles are warranted for two (2) years. The warranty on these light use series is for an eight (8) hour day, forty (40) hour week for users up to 250 pounds. Light use product series that apply under this warranty currently consists of: Breathe Chair, Breathe Jr. Chair, LXO Ergonomic, MXO Simple Design, CXO Extreme Comfort, Carlson Task, Ithaca Ultra, Ithaca Standard, Snap, Managerial High Back, Elite Series, 9200 & 9300 Series, Euro Analyst, VXO, SXO, WXO, PC-1, Pride, and Comfort-RX.

TCI offers products designed for multiple shift applications (24 hours a day/7 days a week) and individuals weighing up to 350 and/or 500 pounds (depending on series and/or model). TCI warrants these products for five (5) years for the original purchaser. All components (including control mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, bases, casters, glides, frames, arms, plastic seats/backs, etc.) are covered for 24/7 applications under the warranty, textiles two (2) years. Heavy Duty product series that apply under this warranty currently include: Tuff Grande, Pilot Heavy Duty Task Chair, Sherman 24, CXO hd, and 24/7.

TCI currently uses Sherpa & Shire Douglass, and Douglass Vinyl. TCI does not warrant COM (Customer Own Materials) or GPM (Global Purchased Materials) that are customer specified materials, or graded-in and purchased by TCI for a customer. For GPM or COM products, please contact the textile supplier for performance information and warranty details.


Seating Type

Components Warranty for Original Purchaser

Use Time for Warranty Coverage


General Commercial Seating

5 years

8 Hours/5 Day per Week

Foam/Textiles/Mesh, 2 years

Heavy Duty Seating

5 years

24 Hours/7 Days a Week

Foam/Textiles, 2 years


SAM HOUSTON SERIES SEATING: warranty on mechanism, 5 years. Foam/Textiles 2 years.
DAKOTA and CHEYENNE stacking chairs: TCI warrants the structural integrity of its products for five (5) years and the upholstery and casters for two (2) years from the date of delivery.

F.O.B. Destination 90 days after receipt of purchase order (ARO). This contract provides for two different delivery techniques:

Routine Dock Delivery: TCI will deliver items to the using entity’s receiving dock and in the absence of a receiving dock; the order will be placed inside the front door of the lowest floor. The receiving entity is responsible for all additional movement to storage or user location.

Inside/Installation: An additional fee will be charged for this service. “Inside Installation” means delivery of the packaged furniture to a specified room on a particular floor of a user building. TCI will take action to cause the freight carrier to deliver, un-package and install the packaged furniture to this specified location. The using entity shall be responsible for the removal of any existing furniture and equipment from the area in which the contract items are to be installed. An additional charge may apply if no elevator is available.


A flat rate per item freight charge will apply to each item based on the type of product purchased and the Council of Government District in which the receiving entity is located.

A flat rate per item installation charge is available only for deliveries within the following Council of Government Districts 12,13,14,15,16 & 18. Installation of deliveries to Council of Government Districts outside of those listed above shall be by quote only and included in the Purchase Order using Clause #36.

Flat rate fees and commodity codes for the above items can be found in the Term Contract details for the specific contract item being ordered.

Due to increasing costs associated with 'Inside/Installed' deliveries, TCI has removed this option from State Contract listings. Please use 'Dock Delivery' commodity codes when submitting your orders, or they will be returned from TBPC.

TCI does still offer installation services, and has not discontinued installation of products sold. However, due to these necessary changes, installation charges must be calculated on a job-by-job basis. Please contact our Customer Service representatives for further information, or for assistance in processing your orders.

TCI sincerely appreciates your business, and stands ready to work with you in order to ensure your needs are fully met.


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