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Campfire Ring w/ Stove

Campfire Ring (square) w/ Stove

Campfire Ring with Stove - The ring is manufactured with 1/4" ASTM A-36 steel plate with an area of 759 square inches. The ring is 7" in height with a 1" lip. The stove is 15"H x 16"W x 23-3/8"L. Cooking grill is made from 1/2" round bar spaced at 1/2" intervals with a surface area of 294 square inches. Grill will have an adjustable height of 10" with cool-coil wraps on handles. Standard finish is a nontoxic, rust resistant and heat resistant, black enamel. rust resistant and heat resistant, black enamel.

Commodity Code Price
650-24-76780-1 $253.00
Freight charges prepaid and added to invoice; For installation charges call 903-928-3112 for quote.

Warranty: TCI offers a standard manufacturing warranty to cover manufacturing defects on all our products.


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